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10 new year resolutions

10 New Years Resolutions Ideas That’s Change Your Life

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Top 10 New Year’s Resolutions

hi there, today we’re gonna bring you 10 New Year’s resolutions ideas. this year is almost completed. There are two months left until the end of this year. Now is the time to move on to next year.

So, here new year’s resolution list.

1. Make it point to explore a creative hobby

So whether you want to pick up an instrument, learn how to paint, do something that fuels your creative soul, because human beings are meant to create. I believe that every single person is a creative person.

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So you have to use what’s in you, and it’s just fun. It will bring a lot more color and inspiration into your life.

2. Design your ideal habits

on how you want your lifestyle to look next year. So whether you want to start meditating every day, journaling, drinking tea in the mornings, whatever it is make it a plan to slowly incorporate your new habits into your lifestyle one at a time. Do it slowly and then build from there.

Check the new year’s resolution list template

 3. You can also decide what habits you want to break next year

So make a list of your bad habits or habits that you want to let go of, and then start one at a time. Tell a friend about this so that your friend can keep you accountable. And if you want to see it through, make a consequence or some sort of punishment for not following through, and make sure that friend holds you accountable for those consequences.

4. Make it a commitment to read at least 10 pages a day.

I find it easier to make a commitment based on the pages vs. the number of books that you want to read in a year because when you make the goal the number of books, it feels big and daunting. But if you just tell yourself, okay ten pages a day, or even five pages a day.

Usually, you read your five or ten pages and then you want to read more. So it’s all about building the consistent daily habits of reading, rather than focusing on the end goal of how many books you’ve read.

5. Try listening to audiobooks.

This is something that I got really into this year, and I think it’s because I felt like it was easier to make time to listen to books when I was driving, rather than reading actual books at home. So if you feel like you can’t make time to read every day and you have some sort of commute, or you go jogging where you can listen to something, why not listen to some books on the way? Because then you’re learning a lot while you’re doing something that you would’ve done anyway. By the way, my favorite book to listen to is Kevin Hart’s audiobook. It’s the funniest thing ever. I recommend it to everybody.

6. Ask yourself:

What is the experience that you’ve always wanted to try? Is it skydiving, surfing, taking a ballet class? Whatever it is, make time as soon as you can to do a quick Google search on how you can make that happen in 2020.

7. Take control of your finances

Make a plan to save enough money in your bank that will cover your expenses for five months. That’s your safety net. And if you already have that amount of money saved, then start investing your money. You can check out this video right here or down below on how to start investing. I’ve been using Betterment for more than a year already and I highly recommend it. You gotta make your money work for you once you have that extra cash because it’s smarter to put your money somewhere that will make it grow vs. just leaving it in the bank where it won’t do that much for you.

8. Invest in yourself in 2020

I strongly believe in using our money to fuel our future. So instead of using your money to buy things just to consume, use your money to buy something that will help elevate yourself and your career. Whether you’re a freelancer, maybe investing in better software, better equipment, or investing in furthering education, taking classes, spending your money in a way that invests in a better future for yourself.

9. Declutter your closets or your space in 2020

I find it so refreshing to declutter. I always like to declutter whenever it’s the new year so that I can get rid of old things, get rid of old energy to make room for the new. I have a ton of decluttering videos. You can watch the playlist here and the link will be down below as well.

10. And while you’re decluttering,

you might as well gather up some old things to sell for extra cash because you know what they say: One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. So why not?

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