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2020 Tasty & Unique Drink Recipes

by Talha
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Top Best Drinks for New Year’s Eve

The event New Year is on coming soon.

Is it?

Everyone wants to enjoy the New Year Party with their loved ones.

No one knows the real food and drinks recipes for the New Year Eve Party.

But do not get it to worry.

I am here to share with you the New Year’s Eve Party Drinks.

I am sharing the Drinks recipes that you can’t enjoy only in New Year’s Eve Party also to any other party like Cocktail Party, Birthday Party, Surprise Party, etc.

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Pineapple Drink:


1 Box of Pineapple

One cup of Pineapple syrup

Two cups of coconut ice cream

 1 Cup of Milk

Sugar two tablespoons

Method (How to make)

Grind the pineapple and pineapple syrup in the grinder. Then add the ice cream and sugar and grind it. Then put milk in it and make it grand.

Your Pineapple drink is now ready

It’s Yummy

Try it once.


Orange Cream Juice


Two cups of orange juice

1 Cup Orange Marmalade

A cup of dairy saver cream

3-4 Cup Sugar

1 Cup half and half cream

Method (How to make)

Mix orange juice, sugar marinade in a medium-sized cup, and add Half & Half and Saur Cream to it. Put this mixture into a 5 * 9 kcal pan. Cover with cloth or plastic. Put it in the freezer for up to three hours to freeze.

Wait until it freezes and then your Orange Cream Juice is ready to taste

I hope you like this drink as it contains many health benefits.

Important: Your health is everything 

Easy Orange Squash Drink


2 cups of orange juice

Lemon juice 2 tbsp

1 liter Water

1 KG Sugar

A Pinch of Malta colored

Potassium Metabyte as Required

Sulfate one KG

Method (How to make)

Blend the sugar and water. Once the vein is ready, add the lemon and grapefruit juice. Mix the color when it comes out. Add potassium meta-sulfate and stir a spoon (for protection). Cool and store in clean and dry bottles and cover with a cap 

new year fruit juice

 Mix Fruit Juice


2-3 Bananas

4 Tangerines

3 Malta

2 Apples

Half Grapefruit

Three tablespoons of honey or sugar

Four pieces of ice

Half of the lemon

Method (How to make)

Peel the bananas and place them in the grinder with honey or sugar. Remove the malt, apple, lemon, grapefruit, and orange juice and run with bananas at high speed. Add ice as well. Grind for two minutes.

Mint cumin water juice


1 cup of mint leaves

1 cup roasted cumin seeds

Ginger slice (25 mm / 1 inch) chopped roughly

3 teaspoons lemon juice

1 teaspoon black salt

2 teaspoons dried mango powder (Amchur)

1 tablespoon sugar

1 teaspoon salt

Sliced Ice

2 teaspoons of soaked or squeezed droplets for garnish

Method (How to make)

Combine all ingredients in a mixer. Blend them until even a smooth paste is formed. Add 3 cups of water. Place in refrigerator and keep in refrigerator until used. Add the chopped ice to individual glasses. Pour the mint over it into the water. Finally, It is ready to taste. I am sure that you would love this Juice recipe.

new years eve juice

Apple Drink

I know most of the people familiar with this one but I am sharing the different recipes of Apple Juice/Drink. Let’s have a look at it.
Eight Apples
A bouquet of roses
8 tablespoons of granulated sugar

Method (How to make)

Peel some apples and cut them into small pieces. Take 2 slices in half and cook the slices of these apples with half a cup of rosemary for 15 minutes on a slow flame. Now mix the fruits well until it comes in a thick position Now, with the remaining half of the rosemary powder, add eight tablespoons of sugar and heat it on the fire. Let it cook for 15 minutes. Now the juice is ready.

Final Thoughts ♥

I hope you would love these drink recipes.

Give your feedback in the comments section below.

Any confusion/question regarding these drink recipes let give me a chance to help you in a better way. 

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